Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec



Village Synkov–Slemeno has existed in united form since 1990 after separation from Rychnov’s municipal authorities. The first news about villages are dated from 1352. In 1900 there were 47 houses and 271 inhabitants in Synkov and 36 houses with 246 inhabitants in Slemeno and 8 houses and 106 inhabitants in settlement Jedlina that is a part of village Synkov – Slemeno from now on.

the fragment of Brother’s Pine

Writer Alois Jirasek (the famous Czech writer) mentioned in his writings the fragment of Brother’s Pine at the forest Habrina, on the fringe of village Slemeno, in the direction to Rychnov, on the left side. By reputation John Amos Komensky had the rest there when he walked away in exile in January of 1628. During the 2nd World War Mr Josef Zizka, called Maly Josef, parachutist and telegraph operator of Marta’s telegraph, from guerrilla band Barium, was hiding there.


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