Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec



Village is situated 6 km from Rychnov nad Knezna, 304 m above the sea-level, on 313ha. Currently 244 inhabitants live there.

The first written mention of the village came from 1360. According to Brevnov Monk’s memories the history of Trebesov is much longer. The Trebesov’s fortress belonged to Slavnik’s clan and than to Vrsov’s family that massacred Slavnik’s clan and confiscated the fortress. Pagan burial place, dated back to 600 BC in the land register, were found there in 1909. Approximately 400 bins were dug out with not only bronze earrings and rings etc. Currently the bins are in the deposit of County museum.

chapel St Venceslav

One of the most significant monuments is the Chapel St Venceslav and Urn field people memorial from 1911.



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