Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec



Village is situated 5 km south-eastern wards from Opocno on the Houdkovicky brook. The name of the village originated from thorny fences that protected houses against predators and is dated back to ere of the foundation. Trnov is mentioned for the first time in 1388, when Master Ctiborko owned a property there. Back in 5th century BC people of Urn field built few wooden huts.

At the turn of 19 – 20th century roads between Trnov and Podchlumí, Houdkovice and Semechnice were built and afterwards a road from Prepychy to Hroska.

In 1874 six houses and the school burned down in Trnov, next tragedy was coming in August 1998 when 10 houses were flooded during one night cloud-burst (190 mm of water). As a protection against the flood the small water reservoir was built there on the Houdkovice brook.


Local sights are Evangelical church from 1902, Chapel St John built in 1849 with the aisle and Presbyterian dedicated to Virgin Mary from 1898, crucifix with sculpture of Virgin Mary beside chapel from 1869, the crucifix at cemetery from 1880, the conciliation crucifix close to the road to Hroska from 1728, then historical agricultural farmsteads number 34 and 35, the smithy number 63, cemetery wall built in 1880-1 and two memorials of Havlas’s and Zdark’s families in cemetery.

In 1960 Trnov become centrum of the council of villages Trnov, Houdkovice, Zadoli, Velka Zahornice and Mala Zahornice.


church old building